about the artist

liz, the artist behind amethyst alchemist art, sits outside on a sunny sidewalk. She smiles as she holds two books she made.

liz, the name behind amethyst alchemist art, is a self-taught craft artist. Specializing currently in bookbinding and embroidery, she also has backgrounds in painting (acrylics and watercolor), paper-making, garment construction, reupholstery, quilting, and most recently knitting. Her work began as a student of her mother and grandmothers, and she has been creating ever since. Liz strongly believes that handiwork has the capability to center more expansive definitions of identity, art, and history, and aims to explore that in her work.

Beyond art, Liz works as a non-profit data analyst and advocate for arts and humanities education in DC public schools. She holds a Bachelor of the Arts degree in Archaeology from Johns Hopkins University, where she researched the emergence of representational art, and handiwork from domestic craft artists of the Bronze Age Aegean and Andean mountains.